Please Don’t Take Your Anger Out On Me!

I know there are two sides to every story but today has been one of those days where agents working for the banks have complained, lectured and refused to submit an offer for me. They appear to be angry at the amount of work they are having to do to submit offers. Well sorry but someone wrote that offer and that was work as well. 

Low offers are just a part of the business right now with all the foreclosed inventory on the market. Taking it personal is very unprofessional. As long as banks are accepting low offers they will continue to get them. I work with investors as well as all buyers. Submitting a lot of offers is just the way it is when you work with well financed investors who are actually getting great deals. 

I am not trying to be rude but….

What you have to do to satisfy your client, the bank, is not my problem. If you hate it then quit and I am sure there are 100 agents in line to take your job. I am going to do what my client needs done to get the deals. 

Do not expect me to be passive when you decide you need to lecture about a “proper” offer. I will bite back! Just submit my offer and don’t get your panties in a wad. 

Manners have gone out the window with agents right now. Like I told an agent the other day….Let’s just say what it is! You are trying to pacify an asset manager and make yourself look good at the expense of the agents trying to sell your inventory. 

Complain and gripe all you want. I am going to continue to run my business the way I want and make the offers my clients want to be made. If you say you are not going to submit my offer expect the gloves to come off. I have filled out your 26 page addendum and the GAR form as you requested as well as my information and my clients information in triplicate. Just submit the offer already! 

I know agents working for the banks are covered up in paperwork but so am I. Lets just all do our jobs and with a smile please. Things are not going to change any time soon. 


Sandra Watkins

RE/MAX Town and Country