How Poor Property Management Kills Profits

The following was originally written by John Marion and published on BiggerPockets. Our property management company just picked up another client. The client is a licensed agent who markets to the public for home sales listings, buyers, and rentals for tenants. However, the agent doesn’t seem to be able to effectively manage her own rental […]

Landlord Services Classified Ad

Georgia Rental Group is marketing landlord services and property management by placing classified ads in local newspapers in Cherokee County Georgia. Landlord Services The classified ad includes a full color image of the Georgia Rental Group logo and bullet points under the heading, “Landlord Services“. Locally Owned Cherokee County Property Management Company Georgia Rental Group […]

Non Professional Property Management Company

Today we are dealing with transferring property management over to our company for an apartment building owned by our client landlord. The process of dealing with this company as led us to believe that they are a non-professional property management company. If you are a landlord looking for a professional management company in North Metro […]