Georgia Tenant Landlord Laws

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Landlord Listing Agreement

Property owners who make their home available for rent should be aware of Tenant Landlord Laws.

Georgia Rental Group is a full service, licensed real estate brokerage firm in the Atlanta market.

We have seen many do-it-yourself landlords get themselves in trouble because of failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the Georgia Tenant Landlord Laws.

Some of the common failures that landlords experience are listed below.

Rental Contract Lease

Your lease must be written to protect your interests and be in compliance with the law. Our lease provides all the protections for the tenant required by the law and is also robust in protecting you as the landlord and reserving your rights.

Late Payments and Fees

The handling of late rent and collection of late fees must be handled properly in order to comply with the law and preserve your best interests. Not handling late payments correctly could possibly make it more difficult to evict a bad tenant in a timely manner.

The Eviction Process

All things considered, eviction should be a smooth process!

Yes, it is a headache for landlords that they have to evict a tenant. This usually means that you have missed at least one rent payment. However, if it gets to the point that you must file for eviction, the process is clear and should go smoothly if you have a good lease and have been in compliance with Georgia Tenant Landlord Laws.

The Move In and Move Out Inspection

The move in inspection is a critically important step when renting your property to a tenant. If you don’t do this correctly, you could find yourself out of compliance with the law and set yourself up for problems later down the road. This is especially true as it relates to taking the security deposit from the tenant at the move in.

Handling Security Deposits

We have discovered that many landlords do not understand the tenants rights and how easily it is to mishandle the security deposit. A mistake when you take the tenant’s security deposit and the timing of you releasing the security deposit back to the tenant can cost you a lot. You could easily be ordered by the court to pay 3 times the security deposit to the tenant if you don’t handle it according to the Georgia Tenant Landlord Laws!

Professional Property Management

Is it time for you to have your home professionally managed by a licensed real estate broker who specializes in rental property?

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