Canton GA Rental Property Management 800 Number Signs

Georgia Rental Group uses an 800 number on our property management signs in the Atlanta and Canton Georgia markets. Here are three reasons why this is a good rental property marketing tool.

Rental Property Management Atlanta - Canton GA 24 Hour Recorded Info 800-290-5711
24 Hour Recorded Info Sign for Canton Georgia Rental Property Management

Efficient Tenant Screening

Our 24 hour 800 number provides prospective tenants immediate access to rental property information.

Callers can listen to a basic description of the property and the monthly rent amount. The immediate access to this information helps to screen out prospective tenants.

When the caller hears that the property description and rent rate matches what they are looking for in their next home, they follow up by calling our office. One of our agents is then dispatched to meet up with the prospective tenant for a viewing of the home.

Up-to-Date Rental Property Information

The recorded property information on our 800 number is easily changed through our online portal.

With the use of text-t0-speech technology, our staff can update information about any of our rental properties. Updates most often include a change in the rent price, but also may include more detail about one of the property features that tenants would find desirable in a rental home.

Appointments for Showing Rental Property

Our rental information hotline allows us to effectively schedule appointments to show rental properties. Tenants throughout the Atlanta market and especially the Canton, Cherokee County area, can quickly and easily make an appointment to view the rental property that interests them.

Since Georgia Rental Group is based in Canton, GA, our agents can often meet up with prospective tenants within 30 minutes of their call if the home is in the Cherokee County area. For the properties we manage that are not in the immediate Cherokee County area, one of our agents can normally make an appointment to show the home to a tenant within 24 hours of their call.

Rental Property Management Atlanta Canton Cherokee County

Georgia Rental Group manages property for landlords throughout the Atlanta area.

If you are interested in learning more about the use of our 800 number information hotline on your rental property or any of the other services we provide, please call The Rental Nerd, Sandra Watkins directly at 770-324-3680.