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Frequently Asked Questions from Tenants

Tenants ask many of the same questions about renting a home.

Sandra answers some of the FAQ’s tenants ask.

Will the landlord agree to a lower monthly rent than the advertised rent rate?

Not without submitting a rental application. If you want to request a reduced rent payment than the advertised monthly rent amount, you may ask in your application. Explain why you would like a reduced monthly rent.

There may be some information in your application that would motivate the landlord to agree to a rent discount. For example, most landlords would like to get a tenant with an outstanding credit score, high income, and a multi-year lease. Landlords also like tenants who offer to make specific improvements to the property which will increase the property value.

In these examples, a landlord may become motivated to agree to a lower monthly rent payment than what is advertised in the real estate listing.

My friend will be living with me, does she need to be on the lease?

Everyone 18 years old and older must be on the lease.

Why do I have to pay an application fee?

It cost time and money to process your rental application. We have costs for office staff to do the paperwork and we must pay vendors to run the secure background and credit reports.

All applicants must be treated the same, so everyone must fill out an application and pay the application fee.

Also, charging an application fee is a good way for us to identify a motivated tenant. A motivated tenant is more than willing to pay an application fee in order to move into the home they like.

When I move out, how long will it take me to get my security deposit back?

Your security deposit must be returned to you within 30 days of the date you move out. We can sometimes return your security deposit quicker for a fee in order to pay our staff to expedite the process. If you would like your security deposit returned to you in less than 30 days after you move out, please inquire about our expedited service when you give notice that you will not be renewing your lease.

Can I get a 6 month lease?

Most landlords require a 12 month lease and will not agree to a 6 month lease. The landlord has the same costs to prepare the property for a new tenant whether someone lives there for 6 months or 12 months.

Some landlords may agree to a 6 month lease if a higher rent is paid per month, so if you would like a 6 month lease, be prepared to offer a higher rent amount than the advertised rent rate in the Multiple Listing Service.

How much is the application fee?

This depends on the number of people on the application. Background checks, credit reports, and income verification are part of the application process and they cost money for us to do it for each person. In the case where two applicants have credit reports that are linked, we can offer a discount on the application fee.

Can I get qualified to rent a home if I have a bankruptcy or foreclosure on my credit report?

It depends. And without running your completed application, it’s impossible to answer this question. Some property management companies will immediately reject your application if you have a bankruptcy or foreclosure. Georgia Rental Group will review your entire application and take many factors into consideration. You may be able to overcome negative factors such as bankruptcy or foreclosure with positive factors such as good income, previous excellent rental history, or paying two months rent up front.

More Questions Asked By Tenants

The questions above are the most frequently asked questions, but you may have other questions.

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